Actually the last code documentation is made for the next release. Which will be ready withing next weeks. It does improve the ordering of child galleries. On sorting by ordering the child galleries will be displayed (and ordered) directly behind the parent gallery.

  • On the backside, now that nearly everything looks improved, the developer finds that the changed ordering do backfire for parent / child gallery use
  • Using more then one slideshow displayed on one form (plugin RSG2_Plugin_DisplayGallery) will lead to artefacts in the display of the second gallery
  • It looks like the slideshow parts are started in 2003 which makes them really old
  • They are based on an old Version of mootols which has to be replaced completly by jquery

So there is more work ahead. The first two points are addressed now whereas the  others will Keep the developer longer busy


After hard work for half a year the new release 4.3.0 is ready.
This is a major update wich contains all the development of the last half year 
 Now 80 % of the backend is redeveloped


The backend list views are ready for test installations.

Now a bit of home keeping is necessary. Then a test release will be compiled and then be ready to try out

The home of RSGallery2 web page and forum has moved from "" to "" and "". The documents of the previous demo website """will appear here soon

Thank you for still staying with us