GPRD General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This website does not store user data such as name, address or similar


This website stores so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files containing information that the browser stores on the user's computer. The generated cookies help in user guidance and are not transmitted from the website to any third party.


The website is stored on a server. The operator collects and stores information in so-called server log files, which the browser automatically transmits.

Responsible for data processing

Thomas Finnern, Sebastian Kneipp Weg 4, 72116 Mössingen (0) 7473 / 910 838

Right to information

You can always receive information about the processing of your data by e-mail.

Offer for change

If something in the website does not meet the legal requirements, I ask for an e-mail. I will gladly adapt the pages.