It looks like a release candiate is ready within some weeks now

Be aware that it is like a newly built house with a finished kitchen and living room but other empty rooms where there is still a lot to be built

If you are ready to test tell me about your Site and used plugins/modules

Send me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Back to J3x upgrade now

We aim for an update end of January 2024

  • Backend: Should be fine
  • Front end: Galleries / single galleries / single image will be displayed

Not working

  • ACL
  • rating / comments

Next feature fix:

  • Slideshow


RSG2 (Version_4.5.2) for J3x is running under PHP 8.0. You may upgrade your site PHP version. Sadly RSG2 is not ready for J!4 now. We are still working at it.


Signs of life: RSG2 development is still active.

Not much has been done in the last few months due to another Joomla project.. 

The development is now picking up speed again


We are currently reprogramming the layout for root galleries on RSG2 for J!4

We try to get a similar look like the J!3 version but with improved properties for a smooth transition