After some hard work a beta version of the drag and drop upload function will be ready soon. 

In the following image you may see a preview of the upload page with ten uploaded images 


To get rid of old parts loading too much bytes we need to replace the second upload pages. So we look if it is feasible to apply drag and drop of images upload. This will need some time if the effort is not too great and can be done in a timely manner.

Main Change:

The gallery list view did not display child galleries direct below parent galleries. Now the ordering of galleries will sort child galleries direct after parents so if sorting by ordering the childs appear direct after parents before the next the next parent is displayed.

The next step will be a speed up of the backend loading. The new code parts which replace the old ones will be seperated from the "old" code for J!1.5-J2.5

Regards Whazzup (developer)

Actually the last code documentation is made for the next release. Which will be ready withing next weeks. It does improve the ordering of child galleries. On sorting by ordering the child galleries will be displayed (and ordered) directly behind the parent gallery.