1. Download the main RSGallery2 component

On github look for the newest version (v4.2.0++) Releases component.

Below the change description begins the download section. Use the named zip file for download Example

2. Install RSGallery component

RSGallery2 is installed like all other Joomla! extensions. Log in to the Administrator section, click on Extensions > Manage ->Install (???see Figure ... ???). Itab "open on Then click the Browse button, find and select the downloaded package file. Now you are ready to start the process with click on "Upload and install"

On upload error try to transfer (?the content of?) the zip file to the server and use "Install from folder". (Some settings may complain about the size ..)

First steps

Three steps are needed to display galleries

  1. Create a gallery
  2. Upload images
  3. Create a menu to view galleries

First steps (1) Create a gallery

 In Backend Menu Component (1) select RSGallery2 (2) and there Galleries (3)


Use new to start an new gallery


In next form give it a name (1) check that it is published (2)

and create the gallery with click on "Save and Close" button (3)


First steps (2) Upload images

a) Prepare a zip file with 4 small images (each image < 1MB)

Select upload form

Select Upload in Control panel or in sidebar


Upload Zip file

  1. Select tab "Upload from Zip (PC)"
  2. Press upload button to select the prepared *.zip file on your device
  3. Specify destination gallery
  4. Click on upload button

Upload form:

 The images appearside by side and may be commented(1)

Press the "Upload" button to accept the images into the gallery


First steps (3) Create a menu to view galleries

 Select Menus -> Main menu



Click on Menu item type : Select button

You will see following opportunities. Please selct RSGallery->view of galleries.

Now chose in parent form the type of gallery. Number (2) above.

Exit with save and close.

In your site click on the chosen menu title and and you will see the standad view of galleries.

Next steps: