The gallery is in continuous (re)-development

Actual work (09.2016):

The Backend is in redevelopment to implement the style of J!3.x in the views as in the source file structure

  • Pagination for gallery list view
  • Pagination for image list view
  • Sortable columns in gallery list view
  • Sortable columns in image list view

Both needs a change of the internal file structure and the matching edit forms also.
The list views are nearly ready but the edit form will take a while 

  • Backend comment list view with delete function
  • Improved support of Upgrade 1.5 to 3.x 

There will be separate functions to upgrade missing database parts

The general goals for the future:

  • Improve/rewrite slideshow with bootstrap support
  • Improve comments handling (edit/delete) for owner of user galleries
  • New layout for user galleries