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Config startview Above is the start view when selecting configuration

(1) There are four tabs to choose

  • General: Debugging and SEF
  • Images: Image related settings
  • Display: Frontend view relating settings
  • My Galleries: Settings for user galleries

(2) Sections in Tab Each Tab contains sections. A click on a section will open or hide the settings within while the other sections stay open or hidden


General settings

(1) Version: Actual uploaded RSG2 version.

(2) Introduction Text

This text is used as a broad header description of the "root gallery" view. The root gallery (with sub galleries and more) will be displayed when the menu type "RSGallery2 -> View of galleries" is activated and the root gallery is chosen for display

(3) Debug

Activates debug functionality. This does write calling parameters and logs some of the used files / classes in a log file. "Attention: On Yes to Debug a log file per day will be created in folder 'joomlaBase\log' and notices may appear on top of a form. Please delete log files regularly". In Maintenance will (may be in near future) be a button to achieve this

(4) Develop

Activates debug functions. Additional 'info' will appear in html pages and more functions appear in maintenance view. The additional function may not work or destroy parts of RSGallery2 ....

(5) Advanced SEF

All gallery names and item titles must be unique


Images.Image Manipulation

Image manipulation

(1) Display Picture Width

Standard display size of image. User is able to download the image with this size

(2) Thumbnail Width

Small image size in gallery view

(3) Thumbnail Style

(4) JPEG Quality Percentage

(5) Allowed file types

My Galleries

My galleries supports the creation of user galleries My Galleries

Settings My Galleries

(1) Show My Galleries On yes it avtivates this functions

(2) Show only items owned by the logged in user in My Galleries Restricts the shown images on front end to users who own the image and who are logged in. ??? The images of the user may be in several galleries owned by other people. ???

(3) Show only galleries owned by the logged in user in My Galleries Yes No Restricts the shown galleries on front end to user who own the gallery and who are logged in .

Image upload

(4) Maximum number of galleries a user can have

(5) Max numbers of pictures a user can have