Welcome (back) to RSGallery2. We are getting the site up and running again, as you can see with the use of some older - it seemed long lost - contents. Please give us some time while we make it look pretty/prettier and add resources.

What is ready?

  • On the top left you'll find a direct download link to the latest release on Joomlacode just below "Current Release".
  • On the left the Gallery Demo and Display Demo is up and running
  • The Forum is also up and running, you are welcome to ask and answer questions.
    We are looking for moderators for the different forums. For example, the language forum have been removed, but will be setup again if a volunteer comes forward who is willing to be the moderator for his/her language.

Wat is not ready?

  • We'd like to set up a Wiki! But we can use users' input and experience in choosing Wiki-software and setting it up. Volunteers are welcome, either for setting is up (helping out to start it) and/or maintaining it. The Wiki license should be one where Wiki texts can be used in Help screens in RSGallery2 (released under (GNU/GPL) and vice versa.
  • There will be really old articles that should be unpublished...
  • ...

With kind regards,