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Config startview

Above is the start view when selecting configuration

  • (1) There are four tabs to choose

    • General: Debugging and SEF
    • Images: Image related settings
    • Display: Frontend view relating settings
    • My Galleries: Settings for user galleries

  • (2) Sections in Tab

Each Tab contains sections. A click on a section will open or hide the settings within while the other sections stay open or hidden


General settings

  • (1) Version:

    Tells the actual uploaded RSG2 version.

  • (2) Introduction Text

    This text is used as a broad header description of the "root gallery" view. The root gallery (with sub galleries and more) will be displayed when the menu type "RSGallery2 -> View of galleries" is activated and the root gallery is chosen for display

  • (3) Debug

    Activates debug functionality. This does write calling parameters and logs some of the used files / classes in a log file.

    Attention: On Yes to Debug a log file per day will be created in folder '...//joomla root/administrator/log' and notices may appear on top of a form. Please delete log files regularly". In Maintenance will (may be in near future) be a button to achieve this

    Actually (22.07.2018) Using debug on the frontend will create a lot of text in the log files and may get stuck when a lot of users are active. It is best used on the local test web then.

  • (4) Develop

    Activates developer functions. Additional 'info' will appear in HTML pages and more functions appear in maintenance view. The additional function may not work or destroy parts of RSGallery2 ....

  • (5) Advanced SEF

    All gallery names and item titles must be unique


Images: Image Manipulation

Image manipulation

  • (1) Display Picture Width

    Standard size of displayed image. The downloaded file will be resized to this width for the standard display of the image. The original image is still kept for modal display when clicking on a gallery image

  • (2) Thumbnail Width

    Defines the with of the small images (thumbs) in gallery tile view

  • (3) Thumbnail Style

    The thumbnail may be sized (styled) for "Square" or "Proportional" dimensions. In "Square" Style the height of the thumbnail is the same as the width. In "Proportional" Style the height is calculated according the width/height proportions of the original image.

  • (4) JPEG Quality Percentage

    Defines the quality factor will be used by the resizing from original image to the displayed image

  • (5) Allowed file types

    This information tells which file types are supported. The types are defined by the component and therefore can't be changed

Images: Image upload

Image manipulation

  • (1) FTP Path:

    Used as initial value in upload (ftp tab) form. Used for uploading images from folder path on remote server. Path must start with base path to the joomla! installation

  • (2) Use IPTC information Yes No

    If set to yes: If a file has IPTC information in the fields title (2#005) and description (2#120), then this information will be used upon import of an image in RSGallery2, unless the title and description fields shown in the import steps are used.


p>If set to no: IPTC information will not be used.

  • (3) Default state for uploaded images

    Select between "Published", "Unpublished", "Archived" or "Trashed"

    If a user has either Edit State permission or Edit State Own permission and he uploads an item in a gallery he owns (e.g. the user is allowed to change the state from Published to Unpublished and vice versa for images in the selected gallery), then this value indicates whether the uploaded images will be (un)published by default. This setting applies to Frontend as well as Backend, and for single file and batch upload.

    For users without Edit State permission the default state is Unpublished.

  • (4) Preselect 'One gallery for all images', Default Yes No

    Preselect state for upload form. Yes: Use selected gallery for all images. No: select images in second step

  • (5) Preselect latest gallery Yes No

    Preselect the 'Latest gallery' name as default selection in upload form

Images: Graphics Library

Image manipulation

  • (1) Graphics Library

    Three graphics libraries, GD2, ImageMagick (and Netpbm, are supported if they exist on the server. They are used to make display and thumb-nail images on upload of images

    Actually only GD2 is used until further notice

  • (2) ImageMagick Path

    Path to the ImageMagick library on the server

  • (3) Netpbm Path

    Path to the Netpbm library on the server

  • (4) Video converter path

    Videos are actually not supported

  • (5) Video converter parameters

    Videos are actually not supported

  • (6) Thumbnail extraction parameters

    Video Thumbnail are actually not supported

  • (7) Video output type

    Videos are actually not supported

Images: Image Storage

Image manipulation

  • (1) Keep original image Yes No

    On "yes" the original image will be deleted after the upload process for server space or hiding purposes. On a double click of the display sized image the same image (size) appears then in the popup

    Drawback: watermark images not created on upload will use the smaller size "display" image to be build when the user opens the 2original" view"

  • (2) Original Image Path

    Select any folder within the Joomla! reachable folder system. You may choose a different folder when you don't show the original images by setting the "Popup style to none" in Configuration -> Tab "display" -> section "Image display". This makes it harder for any user to guess the origin folder to download the original image with big size and good quality .

  • (3) Display Image Path

    Select any folder within the Joomla! reachable folder system for the resized displayed images.

  • (4) Thumb Path

    Select any folder within the Joomla! reachable folder system for the thumb images.

Future folder structure (2018.07.22)

Actually all images of a certain type are kept in one folder. This limits its use as the amount of files per folder is limited. It may limited to 60000 files on older systems and on around 4 Gbyte files on newer. Anyhow the system catches performance issues after too many files in one.

The development team aims for folder per gallery so other slide shows may benefit from this too.

Images: Comments

Comments are activated in configuration under Tab "Display -> section "Image display"

Image manipulation

  • (1) Use CAPTCHA check, in comment form Yes No


  • (2) CAPTCHA type


  • (3) CAPTCHA image height in px (width is 2.7*height)


  • (4) CAPTCHA perturbation (1.0 is high, the higher the more distorted; 0.75 is fine)


  • (5) Number of lines to distort the CAPTCHA image with


  • (6) CAPTCHA background color (hexadecimal code, e.g. #0099CC)


  • (7) Textcolor (hexadecimal code, e.g. #EAEAEA)


  • (8) Color of lines (hexadecimal code, e.g. #0000CC)


  • (9) Alfanumeric CAPTCHA is case sensitive recommended setting: No) Yes No


  • (10) Characters to use for alfanumeric CAPTCHA


  • (11) Length of code for alfanumerc CAPTCHA

Images: Voting

Voting is activated in configuration under Tab "Display -> section "Image display"

Image manipulation

  • (1) User can only vote once (cookie based) Yes No

    Defines if a user can vote multiple times ToDo: ? overwrites old voting or adds further voting

  • (2) Cookie prefix

    A cooky is used to track the user on voting. Assign a singular prefix only used from your web site


Display: Front Page

Image manipulation

  • (1) Display Search Yes No

    Displays a search rectangle over the gallery display. ToDo Check: The user may search for gallery names, images names, in the descriptions and in the comments.

  • (2) Display Random Yes No

    On yes an area appears below the standard gallery where Random images are displayed

  • (3) Display Latest Yes No

    On yes an area appears below the standard gallery where Random images are displayed

  • (4) Display Branding Yes No

  • (5) Display Downloadlink Yes No


  • (6) Display Status Icons Yes No


  • (7) Display gallery limitbox


  • (8) Default number of galleries on frontpage


  • (9) Display Slideshow Yes No


  • (10) Select slideshow


  • (11) Display Owner Information Yes No


  • (12) Display number of items in gallery Yes No


  • (13) Include items in child galleries when displaying number of items in a gallery Yes No


  • (14) Display creation date Yes No

Display: Image Display

Image manipulation

  • (1) Display Slideshow in item view Yes No

    Adds a "slideshow" link to the single image view. It leads to a page displaying the selected type of slideshow

  • (2) Popup style Defines the method ("No popup", "Normal popup", "Joomla Modal") used for displaying a popup (big image) after a click of the image in single image display.

    "No popup": A click on the image does not open a popup
    "Normal popup": After click on the image the original image is displayed in a separate browser window style
    "Joomla Modal": After click on the image a popup in a modal style with [x] to close appear in front of the small image screen

  • (3) Display Description Yes No

    On "Yes" a rectangle below the single image display is added. It contains a header with title "Display" and below a field where the description of the image is displayed.

  • (4) Display Hits Yes No

    On "Yes" a rectangle below the single image display is added. It contains a header with title "Hits" and below a field where the number of "hits" of the images is displayed.

  • (5) Display Voting Yes No

    On "Yes" a rectangle below the single image display is added. It contains a header with title "Comments" and below a field where comments can be inserted.

  • (6) Display Comments Yes No

    On Yes a rectangle below the single image display is added. It contains a header with title "Comments" and below a field where comments can be inserted.

Display: Image order

Image manipulation

  • (1) Order images by

    The displayed imaged may be ordered by the types "Default", "Date", "Name", "Rating" or "Hits

  • (2) Order direction

    The appearance of order type (see above) can be displayed in ascending or descending order

Display: EXIF settings

Image manipulation

  • (1) Display EXIF Data Yes No

    If the image contains EXIF data these may be displayed as info in a rectangle below the image in the single image view It appears beside Description, Voting and Comments in a separate table part

  • (2) Select EXIF tags to display

    Select the information which shall be shown to the user. Multiple selections are supported

  • (3) Selected items box

    A items listed here are selected for display

  • (4) Possible properties list

    Shows a list of selectable exif properties. Inverted items are selected

Display: Gallery View

Image manipulation

  • (1) Thumbnail Style:

    "Table", "Float" or "Magic" Use float for variable width templates sorry "Magic" -> not supported (yet) "Table": The thumb nails are embedded in table elements
    "Float": The thumb nails are embedded in an unordered list

  • (2) Direction (only works for float) Assigns the direction "Left to right" or "Right to left" of the unordered list elements

  • (3) Number of Thumbnail Columns (only for table)

    Number of thumbnails in a row

  • (4) Thumbnails per Page

    Set the maximum thump nails displayed on one page. There will be a page navigation displayed if the gallery contains more images.

  • (5) Show image name below thumbnail Yes No

    On yes the image name will shown below the thumbnail

  • (6) Navigation bar display

    Adds a navigation bar in the single image display of the gallery Possible selections: Top, bottom, both, none

  • (7) Display Slideshow in gallery view Yes No

    Adds a "slideshow" link to the gallery view. It leads to a page displaying the selected type of slideshow

Display: Image Watermark

Image manipulation

If you consider using watermarked files see also description "How to hide the original image from the user"

  • (1) Display watermark

    Activate if watermarked files should be used on "big size" image view. It will replace the original file which would be displayed otherwise.
    A watermarked replacement file will be created once when uploading or when viewed the first time. The watermarking will be a text defined in the configuration.
    Optional: Add icon or other image as watermark. (This has to be developed. It can be done in short time. Send us an email if you need it and we will care for it)

  • (2) Watermark Type

    The watermark may be merged from "text" or from an "image" into the display image

  • (3) Font

  • Select the font type of the watermark text

  • (4) Watermark text

  • Define the text to be displayed in the image

  • (5) Watermark font size

    Select the font size of the watermark text

  • (6) Watermark text angle

    Define the angle of the watermark text

  • (7) Watermark image

    Will be merged into the big display image. Watermark image should be smaller then display image

  • (8) Scale watermark image

    Enter a factor to enlarge the watermark image. 1.0 will use the original. Smaller values will reduce the watermark image size

  • (9) Watermark position

    Select the position of the watermark text

  • (10) Margin from top

    -> Not used

  • (11) Margin from right

    -> Not used

  • (12) Margin from bottom

    -> Not used

  • (13) Margin from left

    -> Not used

  • (14) Watermark transparency

    Define transparency of the text to be displayed in the image. A higher value makes the watermark more transparent. Transparency of 100% makes the watermark invisible

  • (15) Watermark image path

    Define the destination path of the created watermarked files

My Galleries

My galleries supports the creation of user galleries

My Galleries

Settings My Galleries

  • (1) Show My Galleries

    On yes it avtivates this functions

  • (2) Show only items owned by the logged in user in My Galleries

    Restricts the shown images on front end to users who own the image and who are logged in.

    ??? The images of the user may be in several galleries owned by other people. ???

  • (3) Show only galleries owned by the logged in user in My Galleries Yes No

    Restricts the shown galleries on front end to user who own the gallery and who are logged in.

Image upload

  • (4) Maximum number of galleries a user can have

    Restrict the amount of galleries a user may create

  • (5) Max numbers of pictures a user can have

    Restrict the amount of images a user may upload. It counts number of images over all galleries