RSGallery2 Introduction

This is a gallery from the old days (2005) when joomla! started. 
It had a wide reach in 2008 when it was recommended in several books. 
Actaully it has reliable basic functions and runs without hassle in joomla! 3x.
The use of RSGallery2 is free as in free beer. This applies to private and commercial use
The forum response comes within appropiate time and the sources are in github.

Component functions:

  • Upload single images with immediate commenting, 
    batch from zip or images in folder on server
  • Gallery view
  • Slideshow
  • Latest images
  • Latest galleries
  • User galleries on Frontend where user can create galleries 
    and upload images
  • ...


  • DisplayImage -> Displays a single image in an article
  • DisplayGallery -> Displays a gallery in an article


  • LatestGalleries -> Module to show latest galleries
  • LatestImages -> Module to show latest images
  • RandomImages -> Module to show random images
  • ThumbScroller -> Module to scroll selected thumbnails in a 'band'